Jotaro Saito

Jotaro Saito

Jotaro Saito was born into an artistic family in Kyoto, the members of which had established the foundation for modern dye artists. His late grandfather was one such artist, Saizaburo Saito, and his father is Sansai Saito, a modern kimono designer. Since his debut at the age of 27 as one of kimono’s youngest designers, Jotaro Saito has pursued “kimono as fashion matched with modern space.” Repeatedly featured in the mass media, such as TV and magazines, he is energetically involved as a kimono designer. Today, Saito demonstrates his talent in fields ranging from the production of various products to the design of interiors, proposing “a lifestyle with which to enjoy Japaneseness.” He is a regular member of the Council for Fashion Designers, Tokyo.

Recent Works

"Seifu Meigetsu x Suigetsu Kyouka" in the Tokyo Collection. /Work on stage costume for the period drama “NEMURI KYOUSHIROU BURAI HIKAE” starring GACKT /Work on stage costume for Mr. Taichi Saotome /Redesign and opening of Hakuho-kan banquet hall at Happo-en Japanese garden through collaboration of three designers including Jotaro Saito.
“KAEN” and “NAGARE” in collaboration with KARIMOKU Inc. at the international trade fair “Milano Salone”./Work on stage costume for the drama starring Mr. Taichi Saotome. /PS Communications Inc. released “Hot Telegram: Embroidery Shikunshimon” / “+STRIPE” in the Tokyo Collection.
“FUTURISM” in the Tokyo Collection./PS Communications Inc. released “Hot Telegram: Monochrome peony”
“DRESS people Immutable Fashion” in the Tokyo Collection./The original designed yukata (summer cotton kimono) and tenugui (thin hand towel) for “Kankoboko Float” at the Kyoto Gion Festival./“THE HERITAGE” in the KIMONO SALONE Tokyo Kimono Collection.
“POWER OF FLOWER”in the Tokyo Collection./ “KIMONO STYLE 2SOULS COLLECTION”in the Tokyo Collection.
“DARK FAIRYTALE”in the Tokyo Collection/Work on movie costume “KAINAN 1890”